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AD 620 biasing problem?

Question asked by ali-palang on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by ali-palang

Hi proffesional engineers

I am electrical student ,and want to designe an EEG system for my Ms project ,i have used AD 620 as an front-end system , for biasing at first i used two channel of a power supply for + - vs and Ref to GND . it works properly but i just want to use one channel of power supply so i set it to +5 volt and gave it to +vs then for creating negetive voltages for -vs i used another circuit for generating +2.5 Ref voltage and gave it to the Ref pin of AD620 ,then short the -vs to the GND but idont have anything in the output!!! i dont know why??


1- did i do wrong ?

2-or AD620 has problem?

thanx ali