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AD8022, input impedance 20k ohm

Question asked by usaghi on Mar 1, 2013
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I have following questions on AD8022.


a) Datasheet shows, INPUT CHARACTERISTICS, Input Resistance (Differential) is 20kΩ, as Typical.

Could you please confirm whether this value 20k is really correct or not ?

It may sound strangely, but normally we can see Mega ohm level definition, so 20k seems a bit low, we feel.


b) Could you please give common mode(not differential) impedance value of AD8022 ?

or calculating formula if there is.


c) If value 20k ohm is correct in above a), do you think AD8022 is not well suit for voltage-follower with unity-gain,

which is normally requiring higher impedance ?


Sorry for these fundamental questions, but your support and helps would be very much appreciated.


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