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ADV7611 AC3 Audio

Question asked by HankZ on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by GuenterL

We are long time consumers of your HDMI receivers used in our set-top box test station.

Currently we completed upgrade from AD9380 to the latest ADV7611 and have problem with extracting AC3 (Dolby 5.1) audio from HDMI stream.

Everything OK with stereo PCM format. The only difference in ADV7611 registers statuses (PCM mode versus AC3) is:  

CS_DATA[1], PCM/non-PCM Audio Sample, HDMI Map, Address 0x36[1]      
For PCM it returns 0x0, for AC3 – returns “2”.

No any muting statuses detected…etc.


I’m familiar with recently released “ Product/Process Change Notice - PCN 12_0113 Rev. –“

and spent few days plying with registers setting by finding a work around to extract I2S channels or SPDIF from AP port.



please advice. If you need more details regarding ADV7611 settings, including config file, just ask and I will provide.