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ADIS16485 and EVAL-ADIS chip-select state while using IMU Eval Software

Question asked by Scogg45 on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by NevadaMark

I would like to receive an indication that I am sampling data when I use the IMU Evaluation Software.


My Setup:

I am using the EVAL-ADIS board and the ADIS16485 IMU.

It is hooked up via USB and the jumper on JP1 is 3.3v (two top left pins jumped)

I am using a ribbon cable plugged into J1 so I can monitor pins if I choose.



When I view the voltage output of CS it is a constant 3.3v. When I start the data recording in the IMU Eval software it drops to (aprox) 3.0v during the test and then back up to 3.3v when the test is over. I have tried using different ground points (J3 ground, pins 7,8, and 9 on J1) and all the results are the same.


I Know the CS is an input. I am just hoping it goes low by some other means on the EVAL-ADIS. I just want to monitor it or something similar.


What I want:

I just want a signal that changes states while the data is being recorded while using the IMU Eval software. I also want the signal to be repeatable. The small voltage change may be normal operation. I just wanted to make sure it’s consistent before i bank on it.


The Why:

I am using the pulse to sync start and stop times between two different sets of data. One data set will be the .csv file generated by the IMU software. The other data set will be generated in a different system.



It has been a long time since I have messed around with digital devices. I am sure there may be a lot better ways of doing this than what I am doing. We just purchased labview. I will be slowly getting to a purely SPI communication process. I am not there yet. Please keep that in mind when replying to the post. I would really like to use the EVAL-ADIS board.




Should the CS drop to about 0v when capturing data?

Is the CS pin the correct pin to do what I want?

Is there a better pin?

Keeping in mind the background info – Is there a better option?


Thank You,

Jared Scoggins