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Error in adc library code?

Question asked by J-dawg on Feb 27, 2013
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Hello ADI


Im sitting with the EVAL-ADUCM360MKZ board and are testing a lot of different settings with the ADC.

Im using the library code found at:

Latest update seems to be: 09/26/2012 12:00.

In this code i was unable to set the averaging factor AF. I use the function adcflt();

In the code it AND's all the input parameters with different bits which is fine with all except the AF. Here it ANDs the input parameter (decimal 0-14) with 0xF00. Which will always be 0 due to the fact that AF never will exceed 0xE. Therefore you need to bitshift the AF value by 8 and the code works. My question is:

Am i using the latest update of the code in adclib.c?