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Beamforming with MEMS microphones

Question asked by IvanRusov on Feb 27, 2013
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I want to create a beamforming system with more than 100 mics on a board. Now I think about using analog output MEMS mics like ADMP504. After mics I want to use simultaneously sampling multichannel sigma-delta ADC like TI ADS1278 for data capturing. After ADCs I will use DSP or several DSPs witch will make complex digital signal processing. So I have some questions.

1. Could ADI offer multichannel  ADC similar with ADS1278 (simultaneously sampling 8-channel 24-bit sigma-delta ADC) because I need using as low additional components as possible?

2. Could digital MEMS mics like ADMP521 be used for simultaneously data capturing? It's really needed for beamforming as you know. ADMP521 datasheet don't contains detailed information about simultaneous sampling.

3. Could you recommend a best DSP or DSPs for beamforming application? I know about SHARC, but how could multiple data lines (around 100) be interfaced with that DSP?

4. Would be great if you provide reference signal chain or solution for this app.


Thank you in advance.