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Question on calculating Wh/LSB on ADE7953 active energy calibration

Question asked by karens on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by dlath


On the project, MCU manages two ADE7953 ICs that provide 4 current channels. I set to use line cycle accumulation mode to measure the active energy and apparent energy. To calibrate the meters, accurate voltage and current source are used. I have a question on Wh/LSB calculation during active energy calibration:


On AN-1118 Application Note, page 11, on section "Establishing the Wh/LSB constant", it mentioned that it is for the first meter only. I wonder what does "first meter only" mean. I think Wh/LSB must be calculated using accurate current source (set source to provide constant watts and read AENERGYA value) and MCU firmware used this value to calculate the active energy (Wh/LSB * AENERGYx) when line cycle accumulation mode IRQ triggered, is it right? Usually I provides the calibration program for the production to calibrate the boards. But Wh/LSB calculation should not be part of the calibration program, is it right? On Figure 8 (Active Energy Calibration Flow -Registers), what the action "Set Wh/LSB" is to do, calculating Wh/LSB or something else?   


Thank you very much for the help!