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Digital Pot AD5290 on +5V PSU

Question asked by riscy0000 on Feb 26, 2013
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I have AD5290-100K that was previously connected to +/-5V. However due to last min change, I forced to use 0V and +5V (VSS/VDD) on AD5290, so also tied GND to VSS for SPI (with external isolate gate switch to mitigate digital crosstalk).


The datasheet parameter is for high end voltage but nothing much to say about VSS=0V and VDD=+5V.


Can this device work on VSS=0V and VDD=+5V ?, what kind of side effect I need to know about it when using this PSU.


I know the AD5720 which work on +5V, but it tad too late to change unless proven to be series problem.


By the way, it will be used at 0C to 125C temperature.


Best wishes