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AD9548 EEPROM upload utility

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2013
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I am using the AD9548 on a custom board and want to upload the EEPROM from a host CPU via the SPI port.


The upload utility parses the .stp file and writes the values to the scratchpad registers for upload.


At the end of the STP file there is additional parameters under the tag <PinStates> and <softwareSettings>.





AutoIOUpdate=1              ;AutoIOUpdate Setting
OverRideJumpersONReset=0    ;1 = Override M-Pin Jumper Settings, 0 = Use M-Pin Jumper Settings
MPinStatesDuringReset=&h0   ;M-Pin States to be applied to the M-Pins durring a reset
ExternalClock=20    ;External Clock Frequency in MHz




How do I program this into the EEPROM via the SPI port ?