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ADuCM360 power consumption

Question asked by J-dawg on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by J-dawg

Hello ADI.


We are running some power consumption tests on the ADuCM360 and we dont quite find the results we were hoping for. We are testing on the EVAL board and have unplugget all jumpers and are powering it from an external powersupply(@3.00V) and bypassing the voltage regulator.

We tried all different clock settings and also tried the different powersaving modes.

We found that the active modes didnt meet the specifications and we are off by arround 400µA. We tried to disable one function at a time and found the same offset in power consumption.

We havent been able to detemine why our measurements doesnt fit the specifications.

We couldnt find any circuitry on the schematics for the eval board that would consume so much power.

I've attached our measurements to this discussion.


Thank you.