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tube amplifier buffer/attenuator product selection

Question asked by ITPhoenix on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by JeradL

We are looking for a buffer/attenuator to couple the output of a tube preamplifier to a solid state power section.  It appears the attenuation needs to be about 6:1, and the output impedence fairly low in comparison to the 12AX7 output.  A fixed gain arrangement should be sufficient, since there are many level controls in and out.


A cathode-follower is said to work, but we are not going to add any more tubes.  Also, very minimal levels of noise and distortion are desirable.


This is an age-old question with several solutions; however, it has been noticed AD regularly produces new and better products, so we are hoping for a simple (few parts), low-noise solution.


The power section diagram is attached.  The typical output impedance of a 12AX7 is about 75k.


Any guidance would be appreciated.