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How to test MII bus on BF537

Question asked by Dazdranagorn on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Dazdranagorn

Hello, I’m using custom board with BF537 and SMSC LAN83C185 PHY controller.

I need to test MII bus (tx/rx lines) between each other.


I found there is internal digital loopback mode on PHY. It is turned on by 14 bit in Basic Control Register.

I don’t know how to send test package through MII bus.

Is there simple transmit/receive program? May be same functions in ADI_ETHER_BF537.c?

Are PHY registers read only through MDIO? Does BF537 use MII bus only for data transactions?

May be there is another way to test MII bus. Can I set-then-read bits if I set port H to GPIO mode?