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Module bfin_display and adv7343

Question asked by C.PASQUIER on Feb 25, 2013
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I'd like to use adv7343 component output with bfin_display (the one provide on EX3 Encoder extension board).

I'm using a bf609 ezkit board, and the lastest 2012R2-RC5 kernel.


Switching from adv7511 to adv7343 was quit simple to perform (update adv7343.c and ezkit.c) .

But I'm stuck in the final stage : update EPPI controle register to match adv7343 requirement.

Using adv7511 EPPI controle register parameter, DMA transfert don't seems to complete (at least, no interrupt, no stat register update, and err interrupt in ppi.c).


I update softconfig U19 to disable adv7511, and switch frequency to 27 Mhz frequency.


Any hints welcome.