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hdmi camera recorder project with ADV7604-5p

Question asked by hologramblues on Feb 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by DaveD

Hi, i'm trying to make a personnal project and i need insight about some stuff.( i'm not a beginner but not and expert either, i want to make this project a challenge to myself ).


It's a Hdmi video camera recorder for DSLR.


i plan to use the ADV7604-5p as the receiver from the uncompressed 10 bit hdmi output from a Canon 5d mark II ( this hdmi signal has no HDCP ).

and i plan to encode realtime to prores 422 ( like the blackmagic hypershuttle ). The ffmpeg opensource encoder now have the prores as codec, so i need to implement ffmpeg to the dsp/mcu part of the design. So heres my questions :


Which other analog devices ic should i use to make my project : i assume i need a  dsp to process (blackfin ?)  the signal and then an other IC powerfull enough to handle the realtime encoding ( or maybe only the dsp could do it ? ).


any infos is appreciated, i know it's kind of a newbie question, but as i sayn i try to challenge myself.


Best regards