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How can a University be part of the University Program?

Question asked by JuanMed on Feb 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by rgetz

Hi, my name is Juan Medrano, mechatronics engineering student at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala in Guatemala. I bought my Analog Discovery and I have loved it since I got it. Nevertheless, I bought at $159.00 as it was the academic price but I wanted to know if there was any opportunity to get it at $99 price but as far as I know that price is only for academic customers in the US. I am a university student but in a university outside US, so I could not get that price and had to make a greater effort to buy the tool. In this sense, I wanted to know if there is any chance or procedure a university can follow in order to participate in the University Program and create a link of collaboration between the university and Analog Devices, and with this, that students outside US could get some discounts available only to US students until now.


The Analog Discovery tool is such a change in the way we can learn electronics, and I say it by my own experience as a student. It is not the same to learn theoretically and practice only at the university and being restricted to that because only there the instrumets are available. It would make really easier for students if they could get the Analog Discovery tool at a price as if they were US students, as, although I think it is such an impressive and useful tool at a very good price, the price is still high for some.


Also, I have always had a passion for electronics, and have been following and using a lot of things related to Analog Devices since I started in electronics, and if there is a way in which the university I study may have any kind of partnership with Analog Devices, and start having for first time any presence of such a great company in my country, that would be awesome.