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Question about SDRAM Control with ADSP21479

Question asked by nlsa001 on Feb 22, 2013
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I am preparing to test the SDRAM accessing with ADSP21479. I read the ADSP-214XX SHARC Processor Hardware Ref, Datasheet of MT48LC4M16A, EE322 and EE286 for the operation.


Now I can set up the PLL and SDCTL for SDRAM control by Expert Code Generator, but I am not clear how to perform the SDRAM control commands such as ACTIVE, READ, WRITE, LOAD MODE REGISTER, etc. (with C Code). When I read EE286, it's said there was a zip file of the example code with the note, but I can't find out it.


Would you please give me some example (C) codes for SHARC ADSP accessing SDRAM (core accessing and DMA accessing) or where to get the ones with EE286 or some articles that could help me write the code of SDRAM control with ADSP (21479)?


Thank you very much in advance,