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audio routing question

Question asked by rong on Sep 7, 2009
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We are using AD144x DSP and have one 4-channel TDM input. All four channels are in 48kHz and 16-bit, very straight-forward. The only issue with this is the TDM slot ordering of different audio streams can be varying. For example, in one frame the ordering is ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, and the next could be ch4, ch1, ch2, ch3. To route the input streams to the proper output channels, I'm thinking to use 24-bit data, with the most significant byte containing the channel id, i.e. 0x01-0x3 concatenated with 16bit audio data. On the DSP side, I'm thinking to have a comparator (or more) to route the channels and shift the input data left by 8 bits to get the real audio data, then feed it to the processing blocks. But I just can't see how it can be done in SigmaStudio. What blocks can I use for this kind of purpose? Is it doable or there's some other alternative? Thanks.