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any suggested footprint for ADP198 (LFCSP package = CP-8-10)

Question asked by ckhalleran on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by power-layout-guy

I found a suggested footprint for package CP-8-8 (very close to the CP-8-10) but there's no footprint PDF for the CP-8-10 (used on ADP198).


My thougth was to modify the CP-8-8 footprint, making the pads 0.1mm longer (using 0.30 x 0.45 instead of 0.30 x 0.35) keeping the toes of the pads where they are (so the extra length is on the inside). Measuring toe-to-toe on pads, I currently have 2.36mm. The powerpad is the same size on both, so I'd use the 1.1x1.6 pad (from CP-10-10 footprint).


If there is a footprint for CP8-8, could you please email to me or post it?


Similar part’s footprint (CP-8-8) and outline:


ADP198 outline (they don’t show a footprint for CP-8-10):


index to their LFCSP footprints and outlines: