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Question about AD8283

Question asked by JakeKim on Feb 20, 2013
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I'm currently considering the AD8283 device.

Questions :

1. Reference Schematic : In the ADI Solution-RFICs_SB_vol10_issue5 sheet, ADI might have a reference schematic that composes BF531 and ADF4158, AD8283. Would share it with me?

2. PDWN : Active High? or Low?

3. Figure 27 in the AD8283 Datasheet, recommended HSM2812(Schottky diode), but, I cann't find HSM2812 datasheet. So, If  possible, I want to get HSM8283's Datasheet.

4. Vref can be used as input/output in the datasheet. Is it possible to use Vref=1.75V?

5. What is below meaning? 'differential input sapn'  means +/-IN pair? or just +IN or -IN port?

In the datasheet page 17(Voltage reference),

-.   results in a full-scale differential input span of 2.0 V p-p for the ADC.


Hope to see an answer soon.