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Problem booting 21489 EZ-KIT from SPI flash

Question asked by jykke on Feb 19, 2013
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I'm working with a project on the 21489 EZ-KIT, and I wish my program to be booted from the kit at power-up so that I don't need to always load the program from a PC. I've figured out that booting from the SPI flash worked on an earlier version of the program (loading the program first via Flash programmer and setting SW4 to 'SPI master boot'), but a later version of the program no longer boots. The flash programmer reports

"Success: Erased sector(s)" and "Success: Program complete" as earlier, but after power-up the kit just lights all the leds up but doesn't do anything else.


The changes between the earlier bootable code and the later non-bootable code was mainly some UART operations, and the size of the two ldr-files are roughly the same. Is there any way of debugging what is the problem with this, or is there any other easy option for booting the EZ-KIT from user-written code?


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