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BF561 Timer disable but logic remains Hi

Question asked by jonahky on Feb 19, 2013
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Was wondering if anyone can help in this:


Have set the timer for BF561 to run a simple task:


*pTIMER3_CONFIG  = 0x0009;


*pTIMER3_PERIOD  = 0x100;    

*pTIMER3_WIDTH   = 0x080;




The above runs fine no problem. But when I disable the timer - the logic of this pin remains HI:




I would want the logic to return to 0V after timer3 has been disable but it remains high. Have tried various settings and logic still remains high at ~3V3. Was wondering what's ADI advice to force this pin to return to logic 0? The reason is this timer is connected to an external device and a constant 3V3 output logic HI will damage the external device.


I cannot use PULSE_HI to invert it as it's a 2 wire in to the external device, the other line is using timer4 as input and both timer3 and timer4 needs to be 90deg out of phase (or inverted) from each other.


please advice