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ADuCM360: How to increase he sample rate of the ADC using table 17 in UG-367

Question asked by r2d2 on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by MMA

I would like to increase the sample rate of ADC0 in example ADC0_DMA.c:

Using table 17 in UG-367.pdf I can not understand the used settings for AdcFlt:

SF ist set to 124 and AF is set to 14 and chop on is enabled.

This combination is not allowed says table 17:
If SF set to 124 the only value for AF is "0".

Setting AF to "0" in the example, the sample rate is not changed (4Hz).

Using the formular from table 16 (the last one, because chop on is enable), the sample rate has to be 20Hz.

Is there any update of the documentation?