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BF609 timer output

Question asked by zfz5280 on Feb 19, 2013

hi, I'm using the BF609 EZkit, and trying to programm a pwm out put on the TMR0, and after the period expired interrupt turn to the callback function.


now my programm running just as well as expected, but except for one problem, no output on the TMR0 pin(PE 14) can be detected. According to the manuel of BF609 EZkit the PE 14 pin is connected to a LED3,  I have set the Port E Function Enable Register, and the Direction Register, also in the timer0_tmr0_CFG the OUTDIS is set to 0. by running my programm, the LED3 keeps dark. I don't know if some other Registers is to be set, or I am using the wrong pin as TMR0 output.