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Working code for circuit CN-0221

Question asked by Hairyback on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by ABuda

Dear colleagues,


           just got the CN-0221 demo board from Analog Devices directly, pre-assembled board, and it worked fine. Came w./out source code, which I got from the ftp site . It compiles fine on Keil and I can program the chip it through the UART interface, and it runs too. So far so good. The problem is that it cannot read the (integrated) cold junction anymore, the output is as follows:


ADC error on ADC1

ADC error on ADC1

ADC error on ADC1

RTD Resistance: -175.000000Ohms

RTD Temperature: -695.710571C

Cold Junction Voltage: -26.837036mV

Thermoucouple Voltage: -0.664882mV

Final Temperature: -1493.028687C


It worked fine with the preinstalled firmware prior to programming, so I assume I don't have the correct version of the source code. I'm just evaluating the chip, and don't have the time for extensive debugging, so it would be nice to start out with a working version of the source code. Any ideas and/or links other than the ftp site above?


P/N was EVAL-CN0221-EB1Z.