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Which AD951x is suitable to distrubute 6.5MHz single ended SYNC_OUT  of AD9915 with delay equalization?

Question asked by serdar on Feb 19, 2013
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I am working on sycnronization of two AD9915 . But there are still some gaps on datasheet about sycnronization. It recommends AD951x series clock ICs for "SYNCHRONIZATION DISTRIBUTION AND DELAY EQUALIZATION " as below Figure 49 on datasheet and also says "SYNC_OUT is Fsysclk/384". The Fsysclk is 2500MHz on my design. It means SYNC_OUT is 6.5MHz single ended output which drives the SYNC_IN .

Can you please inform me which AD951x is suitable to 6.5MHz single ended SYNC_OUT distrubution with delay equalization?

Which AD951x is able to drive REF_CLK of AD9915 at 2500MHz ?

Please write your suggestion and draw your schematic which has exact component name. When I check all of your clocking & timing ICs, I found no solution. If you have a refrence circuit to share for AD9915 synchronization with 2500MHz ref clk, I will be very glad.