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High Speed low noise Instrumentation Amplifier with Disable?

Question asked by wivern on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by AnnaFeB

Hello I need low noise high speed and high precise Instrumentation Amplifier, my first idea was any as

Figure 68. in datasheet  The 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifiers AD8620+AD8610.

Amplifier is used as differential amplifier with high resistance input. Input signal is sinus, amplitude about 1mV or 2V, frequency up to 1.2MHz Gain=1.

I thing AD8620+AD8610 would be a good choice, unfortunately, needs signals from several amps switch using something like ADG1404.

ADG1404 have crosstalk between chanmel  ~60dB. Consequently, the need to turn off the amplifier output, if not through for ADG1404.


AD8610 have not disable function, my first idea is replace AD8610 with AD8021, ot is good idea?

Any other solving?