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ADuC7061 Flash read/write Protection

Question asked by vnn on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by ABuda

Hello everybody,

I tried to use keyed permanent protection to protect some calibration values. I used 2 pages of Flash to save those values.

My goal is to save those values from power cycle, reset. And I want to do calibration progess many times.

My programm can save a value at the address with command 's' and overwrite a new value at the same address with command 'c'

and load the saved value with command 'l'. But I have a problem, after power cycle or reset I can not overwrite new value any more.

I can only load the last saved value before power cycle or reset. Any suggest for me?

I used minikit Eval-ADuC7061MKZ and IAR ARM Kickstart v.6.50. I also attached my project.

Best regard