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Why ADV7611 cannot output full screen video when capture low frame rate input video?

Question asked by KevinZhou on Feb 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by KevinZhou


     Now we are using Adv7611 as video capture chip , we meet two questions,could you help us on these questions.

    question 1:

           When Adv7611 capture 1920X1080@60HZ video,it can output full screen video on monitor display,but when it capture video whose frame rate becames 30HZ or 29HZ ,it can not output full screen video,picture is in the middle of monitor display, surrounded by a black border,How can I make it full screen?

    question 2:

          We found that if Adv7611 capture HDMI video from a camera, it can output video correctly ! But When capture HDMI video from a DVD ,then it can not detect TMDS clock, and many values we read from status registers are not correct ,also it outputs nothing.But when it capture DVI video,it can work correctly ! How to solve this?