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ADIS16485 Temperature/Bias Stability

Question asked by imms on Feb 15, 2013
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Hello Mark,

             Thank you very much for the prompt answers yesterday.


  • Currently I am trying to compute the in-run bias stability of the ADIS16485 IMU that I have using an Allan variance curve @ 25 Deg C. However even if I use a temperature chamber to maintain the temperature at 25 Deg C, if the internal temperature of the IMU is always more than 25 Deg C then I am not sure how to compute it. Any suggestions regarding this will be very helpful.


  • More over will it be possible to get the individual calibration data for each IMU please?


  • I am asking about calibration data because according to the Allan variance curve in the datasheet, the in-run bias stability is valid for ~83 % of the IMU's. So is there is a possibility that the IMU that I have purchased may be BETTER/WORSE than 6.25 deg?


  • Also according to the data sheet of ADIS16485, the bias temperature coefficient for the accelerometer is 0.03 mg/C and the bias stability is 32 ug. If the temperature sensor has an accuracy of +/- 5 Deg C, then I think it will have an impact of the bias stability (similarly for gyroscopes as well). Just wondering can you please let us know your view on this.

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