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Question about AD9910 "resetb" bit of CFR3..

Question asked by JongWon on Feb 15, 2013
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I'm using AD9910.

I want to know about operation of 'resetb'.

(1) please let me know why that bit name is 'resetB' not 'reset'. Is there any meaning of 'B'?


(2) I'm using internal PLL. So I setted 'PLL Enable bit' is set to 1.

that is ok, but, the problem is, If I set 'resetb' to set 0(normal operation and default is 1),

whole system doesn't work. Please let me know why is that.


(3) From datasheet, 'resetb' 0 means, normal operation of input divider, and

'resetb' 1 means, input divider reset.

Is that any effect to whole system?

I think, 'resetb' 1 means, input divider is disable or whole system down, or etc.


I'm sorry about my poor english.


Thank you.