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21363 : 4 I2S In, 4 I2S Out Example

Question asked by scoutu on Sep 1, 2009
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I'm using a 21363. I'm looking for an example in C for handling 4 I2S inputs and 4 I2S outputs via the SPORTs. I'm using Visual Audio for the development of the system in between. The I2S I/O signals are all coming and going to the same source (FPGA) so I am using one common I2S Bit Clock and one common I2S Frame Sync for all SPORTs (Rx and Tx).


I looked through several EZ Kit examples but they do not handle this type of I/O. I started by adapting the EZ Kit 21364 SPDIF In/Out code (I stripped all the ADC and DAC code) but I don't know how to handle 4 synchronized inputs using double-buffering and DMA. Since there are 6 SPORTs and my system has 8 I2S signals, I use SPORTs 0 and 1 for the 4 I2S inputs with Rx A and Rx B in each SPORT and I use SPORTs 2 and 3 for the 4 I2S outputs with Tx A and Tx B in each. Since there is only 1 interrupt per SPORT, I looking for the best way to handle the Rx and Tx DMA interrupts for all these signals.


Do you have example code for this?


Thanks in advance.