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VisualDSP UART driver processor compatibility

Question asked by Rittmann on Sep 1, 2009
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I have developed an application which uses the UART port on an EZ-KIT using the provided driver from Analog Devices. I read in its documentation it has been tested on BF533, BF537 and BF561 EZ-KITS.


The case is, I am at the stage of moving my program to a custom board for its release, and the UART is giving me some problems. I thought the BF534/6/7 line was compatible, so I did a direct port of my working software. What I find is that I can send through the UART, but when receiving the register buffer doesn't receive anything, as if it was dead to receive (UART0_RBR). To validate our hardware, we tested a third party driver on our board, and it appears to work fine both on transmit and receive part, same settings, etc.


My application is based on the example provided for the EZ-KIT 537 to test the UART driver, the one at:


...\Examples\ADSP-BF537 EZ-Kit Lite\Drivers\UART


Since nothing appears to reach the buffer, and I find no way to check the RCR, I wondered if it has anything to do with processor compatibility. I'd prefer to keep this driver to prevent any rewriting and adaptation of the other driver.


And if they are supposedly compatible, any ideas about what might be causing this problem?