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enable simultaneous mode in ADV7842 to detect CVBS / Component /HDMI video

Question asked by Leonz on Feb 13, 2013
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We are having an issue related to input video auto detection when ADV7842 is in ADC and HDMI simultaneous mode with IO 0x01 = 0x86,  which ADV7842 seems not  tell us what new analog video is (CVBS or component) if the resolution of input video is 480i/576i and the ADV7842 is set to enable ADC and HDMI simultaneous mode with 0x01 = 0x86 in IO map. We  hope to get updated statistics from AD7842 to find out what type of new input video is ( component video with 480i/576i or CVBS video), those registers were:  0x9C[1:0] in IO map, 0x5A[0] and 0x59[7] in SDP map, but they are not updated if ADV7842 is in that mode (IO 0x01 = 0x86). We see those registers updating correctly only when we set IO regiser 0x01=0x80.


we are not sure if we missed out some settings, any advice is trully appreciated!
Thanks a lot!
Leon Zhang