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Problem with Fract16 data type in FFT.

Question asked by Yanko on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2009 by dlakshmi

Hi, all

I made FFT function, for input signal I use sinus function from type float. But I can't convert float to fract16. Are there FFT function  without fract16? What I must make, for FFT.

This is my code:

void rfft_fr16_example (void)
int i;
//entry signal//
//Twiddle table//
twidfftrad2_fr16(twiddle, FFT_size);
//calculation FFT//
rfft_fr16 (input, out, twiddle, 1,FFT_size, &blk_exp, 1);
R[i]=(sqrt(out[i].re*out[i].re + out[i].im*out[i].im));



Thanks, Yanko