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Learning ADuCM360

Question asked by afnan on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by MMA

Recently I planed to switch to ARM processor to challenge my self. I am crazy about embedded systems and yet I have my MS in software Engineering. I have following questions that would help me clear my doubts.


1. ADuCM360 has 24 bit ADC, so it comes out that at reference voltage (as I used to do in PIC18F series) 3.3V the maximum value for ADC would be 16777216.

16777216 = 3300 mv

1 adc_reading = 3300/16777216

1 adc_reading = 0.0002 mv (approx)


Most pressure sensors have value of 0 mv to 40 mv at full scale pressure applied. I suppose I would not need an amplifier in order to interface pressure sensor to its ADC


2. I intend to test this controller to see how it behaves and gives ECG waveform at computer. I plan to use AD8232 for it to connect to its ADC. Is it feasible?


3. I would later plan to implement Blood Pressure sensor and other various medical sensors in it. Basic point of selecting this model of ARM was to have 24 bit ADC . So would this controller serve the purpose? is it overkill?


these may sound some im-mature questions but so far i feel these would help me a lot to progress ahead.