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ASRC & SFM Problem

Question asked by iceburn on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by deepak.raghotham


I have a BF532 project that uses ASRC software module.

I have 44.1kHz, 2ch input and I need 176.4kHz ouput.


I use the following configuration:


asrc_requested_config.fs_in = 44100;

asrc_requested_config.fs_out = 44100;

asrc_requested_config.num_channels = 2;

asrc_requested_config.sfm_factor_pre = 1;

asrc_requested_config.sfm_factor_post = 4;


And the output looks like in the attached file.

I expect the output to be a fine sine wave.


If I set

     asrc_requested_config.fs_out = 176400,

adi_asrc_pp_init() returns


and resets fs_out to 44100 and the output is the same.


If I set fs_out = 176400 after init and call

     adi_asrc_pp_reconfigure(asrc_pp_handle, ADI_ASRC_PP_FS_OUT, &asrc_requested_config)

I get no error but the output is the same the same again.


What am doing wrong???

What is the right configuration to get fine sine wave at 176.4 kHz?