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AD9910 moodulation setting

Question asked by Osamu on Feb 11, 2013
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Please advice on the following issues.

We are developping a system that responds to a received signal in the same frequency within very short time after reception.

The DDS, AD9910 is used to generate an IF response. As the response is pulse-modulated, a common ALC (Automatic Level Control) circuit cannot be used. Therefore we would like to set not only response frequency but also amplitude to AD9910  to compensate frequency characteristics of the transmitter and temperature characteristics of the power amplifier.


I understand I cannnot set both frequency and amplitude via parallel data port from the Q&A in

To realize quick setting of frequency and amplitude, I would like to use the profile pin which is mentioned above.

My plan is to occasionaly set 8 candidates of amplitude according to the temperature, which covers the amount of variation caused by frequency. When we set response frequency to AD9910 via parallel data port, we also set the amplitude by selecting one of the candidates according to the response frequency.

Now, my question is how we can use the profile pin in detail, which pages in the datasheet describe the profile pin, and how we can set (or rewrite) the eight candidates.


Thank you.