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AD9970 register value

Question asked by davidzhang on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by davidzhang

I have used the reference code sent me to update the registers of AD9970.


It is working but with the wrong Horizontal and vertical timing.


I have tried to modified the Horizontal and vertical timing by writing to 0x800 to 0x81f but without any luck.

If it is possible, please give me a simple example of register setting since the explanation inside AD9970 datasheet is not clear and even the 0x810 to 0x81f don’t exist inside manual.


For example,

  1. Regarding to 0x800,
    how to set up the rise position and how to set up the fall position.
  2. Should I use PBLK,
    HBLK and CPBLK all or only need to use HBLK and CPBLK?
  3. I have implemented three sync words, but they are out one by one at beginning of the line . For example, first line has sync word one and few lines later, sync word 2 at the beginning of the line, etc.


Many thanks for your helps.