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Question asked by TrendChaser89 on Feb 10, 2013
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Hi All,


                I'd like to ask about how the SAG pin of ADE7753 could be used as a power supply monitor.  On the datasheet, I've read that it would go logic low whenever ADE7753 goes into an inactive state and the analog supply (AVDD) is less than 4V +/-5%. I wanted to save the energy reading on an EEPROM when a brownout occurs.  Temporarily, I programmed the MCU to save data on a regular basis since I still have to figure out how I could make use of the SAG pin as an external interrupt to the MCU.  I placed a zero on the DISSAG bit of ADE7753's MODE register and I monitored the state of the SAG pin using an oscilloscope.  I found out that it stays low all the time even if the analog supply is 5 V and the ADE7753 is operating normally.  What else should I do to make the SAG pin work?


                Also, I observed that the ADE7753 chip heats up a lot whenever I remove the analog inputs to channel 2 (220 V line) while the 5 V power supply is still active.  Is this normal?  Will it eventually burn the chip?  I am a bit worried because I’m planning to place a large capacitor across the 5 V supply to hold it for a second or two during a brownout.  This is to ensure that my MCU has enough time to save its last energy reading before it runs out of power supply. 


                Thanks a lot for all the help.


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