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ADV7181C and D and pushing the speed

Question asked by vrover on Feb 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by vrover

2 questions:


a) is the ADV7181C (110MHz max) going to go away in favor of the derated ADV7181D (75MHx max)


b) what are the limiting factors on the conversion rate for the ADV7181C? 

For instance, if one were to operate in within the commercial range (0 to 70) instead of the rated -40 to +85,

could we get to a higher conversion rate? Does AD have any data on this?


Also, we do not need 10 bits/color.  We need at most 8 bits, and may end up going with 16-bit total (RGB565)


Finally - what about the tightening the power supply tolerances, or bending the nominal voltages higher or lower

to improve the conversion rate?


It may be that AD can't officially commit to stretching things, but some informal guidelines would be very helpful.