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AD9644 evaluation kit documentation

Question asked by topirinkinen on Feb 11, 2013
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I've got AD9644 evaluation card with Altera based FIFO card (HSMC-ADC-EVALCZ (FIFO_GX)).


1. The documentation of ADC board is missing one sheet of schematic ( page 18 is duplicate of page 14 (DUT) and the clock generator sheet is missing).


2. The FIFO card supplied with evaluation kit. I cannot find any technical documentation for it. At least I need schematics and FPGA code.


Analog guys, are you able to dig these files and provide them to me?


PS, the font used on the schematic is horrible, very difficult to read e.g. net names in certain cases. Please consider at least minimum external documentation requirements.


BR, -Topi