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ditigal input and output connection for adau1761

Question asked by Aaronwu Employee on Feb 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by BrettG

Dear ADI experts,


I'm trying to apply some digital audio processing with sigmadsp, initially working on a EVAL-ADAU1x61EBZ board.


The signal flow would be like: raw I2S digital data --> adau1761 I2S input interface  --> adau1761 digital processing --> adau1761 I2S digital ouput -> external off chip DAC.


My question is, how should I connect it from the hardware schematic for this I2S input/ouput, as from the schematic I saw only one I2S port is there. And could I get some document guide for configuring this interface in the sigmastudio? Thanks in advance.