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Is there a way to make u-boot run only in internal memory

Question asked by mattp Employee on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by mattp

I have a BF524-based board that is crashing as soon as I enter a command into u-boot. Based on debug with VDSP, it appears there may be some issue with SDRAM. Unfortunately, I can't get u-boot to the memory test before it crashes. I'm guessing it crashes as soon as it jumps to SDRAM.


Is there any way to compile/link u-boot so that it runs completely in internal memory?


Here is my version info:

U-Boot 2010.06 (ADI-2010R1-RC2) (Jan 12 2011 - 15:53:34)

CPU: ADSP bf524-0.2 (Detected Rev: 0.2) (spi flash boot)