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Weird SHARC simulator behaviour

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by ColinJ

If you go 'pipeline viewer' in HELP in SHARC 21469 simulator -- says not supported


However one of my students built a SHARC project in the simulator

     Goes to Debug -- and finds pipeline viewer menu option activated

          very simple -- F E P etc marked in debug window


Q1 -- where is the definition of these symbols in the documentation


Another student has code running on board -- switches to new simulator -- tries to activate pipeline option   

     It is greyed out -- can't be selected

Power down and reactivate VDSP

   same thing


we tried cleaning project, updating dependencies -- not fixed


Q2 Any idea why one student can use the pipeline viewer option and the other has it greyed out


Possibility -- background system flag issue

     First student deliberately built, from scratch, a new project when the simulator was activated

     So that the project "knows" about the simulator -- so display pipeline info


     Second student build a 'real project' while connected to the board

          Changed to simulator

          So the project still thinks it is 'connected to the board' in some way so does not display the pipeline stages along the edge of the disassembly window


Visual DSP 5 update 9 or 10 (did not check -- not updated since Sept 2012 so probably 9)

Windows 7 -- Its 32 bit not 64 bit

floating licenses


I have 11 wonderful, intelligent, keen 4th year students waiting with bated breath for me to give them the answer -- please don't let me down :-)



Mike Smith

Professor -- ENCM515 Advanced processor architecture course

University of Calgary