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AD9889B usage

Question asked by Synergi on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by Synergi

we are testing the AD9889B on a new board that is driven by an Altera Cyclone 4E FPGA. We have been trying various configuration and with a standard 720p60 colour bar pattern without any success. So far we only manage to get the monitor to respond with a "hdmi no audio" and "Not support". We have checked the VIC register (R0x3E) on the AD9889B and it identified the pattern correctly (read 0x10). This is urgent as our client has an exhibition to attend in 2 weeks time. We have managed to get everything else on the board to work except the HDMI/DVI output. Attached is the AD9889B register dump. Any help will be greatly appreciated!