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Sine Wave generator

Question asked by venkatsvm on Feb 6, 2013
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I want to design a sine wave generator circuit which should generate frequencies from 2KHz to 8KHz.

Supply voltage is in the range of   700mV  to 25V.  Tolerance of frequency is 50Hz.

I designed the circuit using transistor (BC107) but the circuit works (generates frequency) only after the supply voltage exceeds 6V.

And also the frequency tolerance is also not good.

Can any one please suggest me a solution for this

Circuit I used is shown below


R1 = 47Kohm,

R2 = 10K

Rc = 2.2K

Re = 680ohm

Ce = 22uF

C = 10nF

R = 2.4K

Cc = 1uF

Transistor is BC107