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U-Boot BF512F - Boot from Internal Flash

Question asked by Quintinvw on Feb 6, 2013
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I need help with the U-boot loader. There is just too much information for me to put it all toghether and understand how it exactly works. Im sure someone could take me through the steps of what I require. The help will be much appreciated.


I have a BF512F custom board. I need to load U-boot into the internal SPI flash. This part is not that hard since I've already loaded my own code into flash and succesfully booted from internal SPI flash.


We have a board with an ARM and the Blackfin DSP on. The ARM will receive new FW (Firm Ware) which is saved to it's external storage (SD Card). The ARM will then initiate the bootloader on the DSP and load the new FW via the UART. THe bootloader will have to write the new FW to the internal SPI flash and do a CRC32 check thereafter to determine if the FW was written succesflly and whithout erros. So I'd say the normal bootloader stuff.


I've seen a u-boot .ldr created with the latest version of u-boot for the BF518F with a UART and SPI enabled.


My questions:

1. It seems like U-boot will work they way I want it to? Will it?

2. Do I have to create a BF512F U-boot .ldr for my custom board?

3. If so, how exactly do I do this? A step-by-step process would help a lot. Im working in a Windows environment and it seems like U-boot is just done from Linux? Folders and driectories are refered to that I cant find or just dont know where they are refering to. See below link ->

bfin-elf-ldr - I dont seem to understand where this bfin_elf_loader can be found to generate the U-boot >ldr file for the BF512F?


4. Can I just use the BF518F-ezbrd.ldr file for U-boot on the BF512F without any issues? (I'm going to try this anyways but would feel better if I could generate a specific one for y custom board).


So it seems very basic, but I'm struggling to put all the information toghether and what exactly I need to do to accomplish this. PLease help me by just specifying basic steps that I can follow if possible.


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