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Memory storage on the BF548

Question asked by Doriya on Aug 30, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by CraigG

Hi guys,


So, we've been working on a word recognition project, and we've got some models that we need to store on the board.


So far, we've simply been storing them in header files, and #included said header files to compile with the project.


However, we keep getting "Hardware error".  This (we assume) is due to there being insufficient memory...


How else can we store things like these on the board? We need to store approx 20x of each of these: 13*1 vector, 2*13*13 vector, and that's just the models.   We also need to store a 32768 value of an audio input, perform windowing on this input (into segments of 512 long samples), and then perform fft's etc on the data.


So... where can we store these variables to free up precious memory? Preferrably in a location which is fast... (ie: HDD would be slow, so preferrably a ROM or RAM memory).


Any tutorials on how to access said memory and use it in compiler would be appreciated, thanks.