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Inclination accuracy ADIS16210

Question asked by JosBouwman on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by jmirek

Hello all,


In an application I'm using the ADIS16210 as an inclinometer. The accuracy is good. The noise is approx. 0.02 degrees (3 to 4 datapoints) which comes close to what I need for the application. This noise is measured over 15 samples with a sample count of 2048(AVG_CNT = 0x000B).


However, The application requires low power consumption so I set the ADIS16210 in power_down mode when I'm done with the measurement. A few minutes later, I bootup the sensor and do another measurement. Again 15 samples with a sample count of 2048.


Now here's what I find strange. The 15 samples are more or less the same value given the noise factor. But there is a significant difference between the different measurements! This difference can be up to over 20 datapoints.


So, when I put the sensor into Power-Down mode and then power-up the sensor again, the measurement of the axes can be off by 20 datapoints. If I don't power_down the sensor, the meaasurement of the axes stays within noise range.


Can anybody tell me how I might resolve this problem?


Regards, Jos