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The basis about ADV7511 registers.

Question asked by buddha1987 on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by GuenterL

I am a starter try to make an FPGA design with ADV7511 chip to achieve HDMI display. Controlling the ADV7511 is more a embedded software issue which I am totally new. So I want to understand some basis about ADV7511.


I read the programming guide of ADV7511:


In P15, it gives a list of registers that need to be configured when initially bringing up the HDMI transmitter. I have questions as following:

1. ADV7511 can be controlled though I2C bus. So these registers listed can be accessed, read and write through I2C bus, That actually use SCL and SDA pins. The register address will be transferred to ADV7511 through SDA, then the value in that register can be read or write through SDA. But transferred address and data signals will follow I2C protocol. Is that right?


2. After the hardware built, e.g. ADV7511 is put in a PCB and connected to a soft processor like MicroBlaze.  In software programming, access register inside ADV7511 is just as write or read a data from a specific address, right?


3. In P16, there is a statement as: The ADV7511 uses four I2C register maps. The SDA/SCL programming address for the Main Register Map is 0x72 or 0x7A. What is the mean of four I2C register maps?  What is the storage size of all registers inside ADV7511?


Thanks very much.